Imagine a Temple that exists across all Dimensions and all Time, not of this world and not bound by earthly limitations.

Imagine a Community of Peers who enrich each other’s lives, bring more wholeness and beauty, more wisdom and support to help each other expand his or her vision.


Imagine a shared commitment, informed by a higher calling, to raise our collective vibration to

one of LOVE.


This is TOA.

The Temple of Ascension™ (TOA) founded by Raven Sinclaire, is a community dedicated to supporting the spiritual evolution of the planet and the individual journeys of us all. Our members have each chosen to be involved with TOA in their own ways and share a desire to deepen their connection to the Divine as expressed through the natural world. TOA is connected to ancient Egypt through Hermetic mysteries and the Magdalene stream through the Egyptian mystery schools.


At this time of planetary ascension, we acknowledge that our Guardians are “bridge people” between the old paradigm and the newly seated one; spiritual mentors to their communities. They each bring their own sacred work and are ever evolving in their own time and way. Spiritual retreats are an optional offering for our guardians to gather yearly and share ideas, encourage each other and join in the growing mission of ascension. We have offerings exclusively for guardians to support their spiritual paths and sacred work and have a focus of humanitarian service through Sacred Activism within our communities.


Our currently offered initiatory processes for membership are:

  • Introduction to Hermetics & Initiations of the Alchemist™ for both men and women (Raven's process), also facilitated by Lisa Morris San Souci.

  • Sacred Priestess Journey™,  Sacred Magdalene Mysteries™ and Sacred Sophia Journey™ (Teri 'Crow' Barnett’s processes in Indiana) for women

  • Illuminated Priestess Path™ & Illuminated Magdalene Mysteries™ (Be Essert's processes in Virginia) for women

  • Shamanic Solar Priestess Process™ & Shamanic Solar Magdalene™ (Melody LeBaron's processes in western North Carolina) for women


The growth and progression of The Temple of Ascension is Spirit-directed, Nature-centered and continually channeled with a commitment to the creed: The World is Our Temple, All Work is Sacred, All Life is Ceremony. And so it is.

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