"We are all just walking each other home." -Ram Dass

Each of us are both teacher and student traveling together on this journey to embodied love.

We appreciate your interest in Temple of Ascension (TOA). The path to membership is through conscious initiation in the tradition of the Ancient Egyptian Priest(ess)hood.  These are not hierarchical and we do not consider anyone as 'above' anyone else. We do not follow a guru but instead, we support each other as we seek to shed layers of ego attachments to more fully connect to the Divine within.


Deep exploratory processes guide participants through initiations to full membership as a TOA Guardian. Our TOA community is based in Asheville, NC. However, we have Guardians around the world. Though many Guardians are general members of TOA, we also have "Groves" which are smaller communities within TOA that are location specific where there are high numbers of TOA Guardians. They operate under the direction of an Oracle (see below) and maintain their own structure to provide concentrated opportunities to engage.  Temple Grove in Western North Carolina consists of the founding TOA members. Our other Groves are Sacred Light Grove, Indiana and Grove of Illumination, Virginia. Meet the Oracles of these Groves on our Contact page.


Initiatory Programs currently offered:


  • Introduction to Hermetics & Initiations of the Alchemist (Women & Men), offered by Raven Sinclaire & Lisa Morris San Souci

  • Sacred Priestess Journeys, Sacred Magdalene Mysteries, & Sacred Sophia Journey (Women) offered by Teri Barnett

  • Illuminated Priestess Path & Illuminated Magdalene Mysteries (Women) offered by Be Essert

  • Shamanic Solar Priestess Process & Shamanic Solar Magdalene (Women) offered by Melody LeBaron


Path of Involvement*

  • Seeker: One who completes an approved course from the online school or a weekend stand-alone course such as Wheel of the Year. Seekers are not recognized as "Guardians," but are welcome at most events that are not at capacity with the exception of the yearly Gathering of Guardians. Those who wish to be involved with TOA in a more casual way may choose to remain Seekers in our community.

  • Initiate: One who has embarked on an initiatory path and has completed the first requirements of a process.

  • Mystic: An initiate who has completed the Shadow work requirements of a process.

  • Guardian: A Mystic who has completed the first process (6-9 months) of Hermetics/Alchemy or Priestess work and is now considered a full Guardian in TOA with access to our private social network, all events and opportunities.

  • Mage: A Guardian who has completed the second process (6-9 further months) of Magdalene work or Hermetics/Alchemy.

  • Sage: A Guardian who has also apprenticed to facilitate her or his own initiatory process (time varies, though Sages bring years of their own self-exploration through processes and training). A sage may create his or her own initiatory process through Spirit direction, and the process is then approved by the TOA Leadership Team and recognized as a legitimate teaching with the Grove.

  • Oracle: A Sage who serves as the visionary director of a Grove.


*One would choose his or her own path to membership based on the extent to which he or she wishes to be involved. For instance, it's perfectly fine to remain a Seeker permanently and very few will wish to ever commit the time and energy to be a Sage or Oracle. We welcome your interest. Email with any questions.