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"Raven, you've rocked my world, as you have done for so many.  You burn through veils of illusion with unflinching commitment and deep compassion.  Thank you for sharing your potent medicine and helping to awaken so much love."

-Kevin Thompson

"Raven, I don't even know where to begin.  Since meeting you, my life has become so much richer as you've taught me to trust my own intuitive guidance and open up to both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  That wouldn't have been possible if you didn't embody that journey yourself with such simultaneous grace and power.  Your wise leadership, fearlessness, and nurturing are what made this weekend truly transformative for our sacred group.  Thank you my dear friend!"

-Lucas Stevenson

"Raven: you bring light, beauty, and depth to every experience I've had with you. I feel connected to the transformative powers of the universe when I'm in your presence. I'm grateful to have met you, in this lifetime. You are a powerful example of living and working authentically in this world. And I feel more hope for our collective future, knowing you."

-Dayton Jacques

"Raven, you have opened my heart & soul with grace and gentleness this weekend. Your gifts are many and were wisely imparted to all of us. Bold truths, laughter, innovative sharing, strength, passion and great love, truly a beautiful soul and wise woman you are."

-Dieter Kuhn

"Praises to Raven with open-hearted gifts of unknown things revealed when ready in the timing of our Mother. This grand universal beingness is something she so clearly knows and shares with joyful healing in the union of all things."

-Gerald Fitzgibbon

"Raven, You amaze me in how you can lead a group of men so easily by suggestion, story, exercise & example. Such a light but distinctive and trusting touch. Thank you for your insight and love that you brought into our lives to help us all along our separate journeys."

-Steve Wilde

"I was wondering how you would facilitate a group of men. You held feminine space which allowed us to be comfortable enough to open up. I didn't realize how much stuff would surface. The weekend was so much more than I imagined."

-Tyler San Souci


Time stopped for two whole days and I experienced a connection to a tribe that I've been missing my entire life. This process not only shows you magic, but you get to feel it. I love you and this whole experience."

-John Beck

"I had no preconceived notions, yet this was everything I had hoped it would be. We got insight into what motivates us and began healing existing wounds. It was awesome!"

-Jim Lowder