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Raven Sinclaire


Raven is an ordained Shamanic & Magdalene High Priestess™, creatrix of Introduction to Hermetics & Initiations of the Alchemist™, and founder of The Temple of Ascension community. Her company, Quintessential Human Coaching, utilizes an innovative coaching process based on her trademarked process, 7 Steps to Mastery™, based on Hermetic wisdom, shadow work and her own teachings.


Raven has a lifelong connection to the unseen world and an ability to see beneath the surface of current events or a person's sabotaging cycles. Her passion is to share insights and tools to help others enhance their lives, relationships and careers. She does this through her workshops, client sessions and writings. Raven is currently working toward her Master's in Scottish History at the University of Dundee and offers a small number of tours to Scotland. More info on Raven's eco-friendly tours can be found at TracelessTours.comEmail her or visit

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Raven Sinclaire

Quintessential Human


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